Play with us through VISANG Edtech

We promote a joyful experience and growth for global learners.
We put imagination and innovation at the heart to create a new kind of education
and a cultural paradigm using Edtech.

  • Finding New

    We, who create a Korean
    educational culture and pursue
    a new global education
    paradigm, are VISANG.

  • Thinking Difference

    We, who respect the difference,
    who have the doubts regarding
    the world, and who fiercely
    research, are VISANG.

  • Making Together

    We, who desire for learning
    strongly and who enjoy
    together with everyone
    else and grow, are VISANG.

  • Sharing Belief

    We, who make the new future into
    a reality and who share the future
    oriented values, are VISANG.

VISANG Edtech Products

Visang stays ahead of the curve, leading the market at every step.
With Edtech programs featuring closely related content and intuitive platforms,
Visang Edtech creates an educational and cultural environment.
We strive to stimulate sensibilities and cultivate creativity for global learners.

  • Wings

    Fun communication-based English program for global learners. English Edtech product for preschoolers based on communication via smart board and pads.

  • ELiF

    Smart English education for global learners. Digital multimedia learning program based on primary school subjects.

  • Oxford Discover

    Based on the Oxford Discover series published by Oxford University Press. Digital multimedia learning program based on primary school subjects

  • Math Alive

    Digital math Edtech program that promotes mathematical thinking and communication skills. Interactive math program for global learners.

  • Oxford Discover Futures

    Based on the Oxford Discover series published by Oxford University Press. Digital multimedia learning program based on secondary school subjects

  • englisheye
  • Quiz Monster
  • Challenge
  • Action Alphabet
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    2018 sales increased from 2017’s 145 million USD

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    Nationally used textbook with the highest number of copies published per book

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    Total number of textbooks sold

  • 0%

    98% of public schools

    98% of Korean public schools use Visang textbooks

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    3 MILLION Student

    Total number of students using Visang's e-learning website

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    1,200 CENTERS

    Number of academies in Korea

VISANG Edtech in Awards

  • 2017

    Japan e-Learning Awards

  • 2019

    Japan e-Learning Awards

    GESS Education
    Awards Finalist

  • 2020

    GESS Education
    Awards Finalist

    K-Service Special Top

  • 2021

    Bett Awards Finalist

    Bett Awards Finalist

  • 2022

    Bett Awards Finalist

    GESS Education
    Awards Finalist

Internationally Accredited Certification

Math Alive has been qualified as "Assessment Profile" of Caliper Analytics® from the international E-Learning organisation, 1EdTech™, which certifies Math Alive with the establishment of various pattern analysis and question manufacturing environment for student assessment.
Lexile was developed by MetaMetrics, an education company in United States. We adopted and implemented the Lexile Test through a formal agreement with MetaMetrics.
Math Alive is based on the US Common Core (CCSS) achievement standards. In addition, by introducing the quantile measure of MetaMetrics®, an internationally renowned research institute, each grade level of the program has been officially certified and meets all requirements of the Quantile measure.

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