An integrated English language skills program
featuring AR and MR technology for kids

Challenge is an excellent AR and MR-based integrated Skills Program
for those who are new to English.


Take advantage of our fun and active curriculum to learn phonics

The use of AR and MR digital content increases students' attention and participation.
Interacting with digital characters and learning phonics
step by step fosters passion as well as a sense of accomplishment.

Take advantage of our fun and active curriculum to learn phonics Take advantage of our fun and active curriculum to learn phonics

Challenge Content

High-quality learning programs ranging from phonemic awareness through sentence building

Challenge walks students through their studies and ensures they build confidence in English.
Students can develop native-like pronunciation skills through our diverse digital content.

  • Word Learning
    Word Learning
  • Key Sentences
    Key Sentences
  • Sentence Play
    Sentence Play
  • Reading Play
    Reading Play
  • Song Activity
    Song Activity
Entertaining MR-based activities that encourage participation

Thanks to Challenge's extensive MR materials, students can be immersed in classes with
various exercises that develop creativity, confidence, and body mobility.
This is an excellent approach to English that allows students to experience the fun of Challenge firsthand.

  • Word Quiz
    Word Quiz

    Take word quizzes with animated characters

  • Mask Play
    Mask Play

    Practice speaking skills through role playing and acting out scenes based on the characters in the stories

  • Board Game
    Board Game

    Play a board game to learn the English alphabet by stretching and twisting your arms and legs to make letters

  • Phonics Game
    Phonics Game

    Pop the bubbles while learning phonics and vocabulary

  • Music on stage
    Music on stage

    Sing and dance along with the characters on the screen

Interact with the Challenge characters and do fun activities in class or at home

When using the AR program, characters come to life and interact with students.
Challenge offers not only 2D but also 3D visuals that dance and move!

  • AR Coloring
    AR Coloring

    Color the characters and watch them come to life!

  • AR Reading
    AR Reading

    Read stories with characters

  • AR Speaking
    AR Speaking

    Children practice speaking by recording their voices. Parents can listen to their children having English conversations with the story characters.

  • AR Camera
    AR Camera

    Take photos with the characters you collected

  • AR Quiz
    AR Quiz

    Play a word review game and find the right pictures for the words

Challenge textbooks improve
reading and writing abilities dramatically

Each set of Challenge books contains: 1 Reading Book, 1 Practice Book, 1 Sticker Book,
1 Song Poster, and an AR Play Kit. (2 sets per level, per year, 1 set lasts for 5 months).
The books allow students to independently examine class materials
and practice writing while completing fun activities and quizzes.

Challenge features a three step program based on spiral curriculum

The goal of the Challenge program is to allow students to aquire good reading
and sight word recognition habits through stories, vocabulary activites,
and fun activities that include skills such as phonemic awareness,
phonics, listening comprehension and speaking fluency

Challenge features three steps
  • Step 1

    Ready to Read

    100 words
    60 sentences
    Basic alphabet phonetics
  • Step 2

    Ready with Help

    150 words
    90 sentences
    Short vowels, long vowels, consonant digraphs
  • Step 3

    Ready Alone

    200 words
    120 sentences
    Review vowels, consonant blends
Challenge features three steps

Challenge is expanding its global presence

challenge study challenge study

Through pilot programming at a Thai public school, Thai children were able to experience high-quality digital education and develop good English language learning habits. Students showed the most improvement in pronunication, creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration.

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challenge study challenge study

Pilot Program Case Study: VISANG x BAN YANSUE Elementary School Have fun learning English with Challenge!

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