ELiF is an interactive English language learning
program designed to promote life skills


ELiF is a knowledge-based digital elementary English learning program that
aims to promote language learning and cultivate life skills.

Maximize learning potential through
a systematic learning flow

The learning flow consisting of pre-class, main class, and review is a process
for both learning and understanding students' progress.

Pre-Class (self-directed)


Get ready for what will be taught in upcoming classes through self-directed learning
with digital devices. Learning outcomes are analyzed in real time to inform teachers and help them
make decisions about instructional directions.

  • Word Training

    Word Training Learn vocabulary and solve problems to understand your skills.
  • Listening Comprehension & Sentence Listening

    Listening Comprehension & Sentence Listening Learn as you watch multimedia. By listening to and repeating phrases, AI can measure the correctness of your intonation and pronunciation.
  • Reading Comprehension & Sentence Building

    Reading Comprehension & Sentence Building Practice reading about a variety of subjects. Practice sentence structures.
  • Expression & Grammar

    Expression & Grammar Enhance your skills by practicing the phrases learned in listening comprehension and grammar reading comprehension.

In the classroom, where interactive learning produceshigh learning outcomes


For face-to-face classes, teaching methods prioritize interaction to assist students
who are easily distracted in maintaining concentration.

  • Learning through multimedia interaction

    Learning through multimedia interaction Activities using video recordings and digital devices improve students’ participation.
  • Synchronized learning results

    Synchronized learning results Teachers can check their students’ pre-class results and decide what to teach in the main class.
  • Various QUIZ types

    Various QUIZ types Team-based quiz competitions increase the enjoyment of learning English.
  • Various tools provided

    Various tools provided Features such as polls and debates can facilitate student communication. By sharing the material prepared by the teacher, students can have a diverse classroom experience.

After-class with gamification


The learning process that ends with a review is provided as a video game,
so students can remain interested in English learning.
Make your character stronger through battles with monsters and competitive games with friends.
As the character grows, the capability of the student also grows.

  • Hunt monsters to review

    Hunt monsters to review You can hunt monsters to review just as you do in a role-playing game. Level up and get your gold.
  • Mini games to play with friends

    Mini games to play with friends Compete with your friends by solving spelling mini games. The winner earns some gold.
  • Buy and customize my character

    Buy and customize my character Buy and customize your character with the golds you earned from review activities.

Gather in a classroom or learn from a distance at home

ELiF delivers unrestricted learning activities on-site.
Select where and how you want to run your classes freely.
It allows students to continue to learn and grow without any gaps in learning,
even in uncertain circumstances.


Multimedia can make learning English fun

ELiF provides multimedia such as videos based on real-world topics
to maximize results with immersive learning.

  • Conversational Videos
  • Visual Reading & Visual Listening
  • 3D Animations
  • 2D Animations
  • Visual Songs
  • Video Clips by Native English Teachers

Improve student understanding
by teaching through a textbook

The ELiF textbooks consist of three sets for each quarter.
Completely connected textbooks with digital content provide students
with a deeper level of learning material.

Keep track of student accomplishments
through systematic assessments and reports

All learning and assessment processes generate reports that inform teachers
and parents of student progress.

Those who need a supplementary class can use personalized P.O.D (Print On Demand) to catch up, while those with high performance can take classes at a higher level at any time.

The completion rates of each sector are automatically processed and analyzed to give feedback that will inform you of the direction for your students to follow.

Parents can check their student’s learning results through the Parent Web.

The ELiF content corresponds with the world-class
assessment system

The 6-year program corresponds to world-class English lessons such as Lexile and CEFR and
provides students with the most effective English learning experience available.



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You are ready to teach without any preparation stress

We provide not only our outstanding content, but also support materials such as guides and videos so that the teacher can teach students without preparing things for the class. Also, various Teaching Tool supports teachers run their class without having stress and helps students to bring up their communication skills.

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