Oxford Discover Futures is a digital learning program,
based on the Oxford Discover Futures published by Oxford University Press,
that allows teachers and students to have an interactive class.
Oxford Discover Series empowers students to shape their futures
with an inquiry-based approach and a focus on 21st Century Skills.

Oxford Discover Futures

Experience high-quality Oxford content
through interactive learning.

The ODF program is designed to learn English interactively
with Oxford ebooks (or books in PDF)
the AllviA Authoring Solution.

  • Student Book
    Student Book
    Oxford Book in PDF
  • AllviA Authoring Solution
    AllviA Authoring Solution
    Digitalized Interactive Book
  • Enlarged question + Interaction tool
    Enlarged question
    + Interaction tool
    More Activities
    More Activities
    Interactive Activities
  • Interactive Book

    • Anyone can easily do the interactive lessons
      with various teaching tools.

      Interactive Book Interactive Book
      • Table of Contents
      • More Activities
      • WorkBook
      • Video/Audio Play
      • Enlarged question
      • Show Answers
      • Search
      • Zoom In/Zoom Out
    • Oxford offers high quality audio files and
      videos for diverse learning experiences.

      Interactive Book
      Users can study word usages and
      sentences through live-action videos.
      Interactive Book
      For different exercises, audio or video is provided
      as a resource, which is useful for repitition exercises.
    • Users can zoom in on the text on the book,
      and special tools make learning more interactive.

      Interactive Book Interactive Book

      Students can take pictures and
      use chatting, pen, and typing tools
      for interactive lessons in addition to
      recording video and audio.

    • Teachers can lead highly engaging classes
      by sharing problems with students and
      revisiting students' results and
      progress in real-time whenever needed.

      Interactive Book Interactive Book
      Teacher Screen
      arrow icon
      Interactive Book Interactive Book
      Student Screen

      High-quality learning is attainable by going back
      forth between the Student Book
      and the Workbook.

    More Activities

    'More Activity' is the interactive learning based acitivity
    provided in each unit to maximize learning effect.

    • Word Learning Word Learning

      Different words can be chosen in each part of
      every unit to keep pace with the class progress.

    • Word Quiz Word Quiz

      Teachers can give a quiz to check thier
      students' understanding of the vocabulary.

    • Reading Reading

      Through reading topics, various activities such as
      Listen & Repeat, Read-Along, etc, the activities
      provide opportunities for increased comprehension.

    • Listening Listening

      Students do the listening activity with the
      audio files provided by Oxford University Press.

    • Speaking Speaking

      Unit-specific speaking lessons allow students to
      discuss each unit with their classmates.

    • Writing Writing

      In the writing sections, students can train
      themselves for essay writing and communicate on
      their progress with their peers.

    Since the program content is structured
    like an I-Book,
    self-learning and
    interactive classes are possible.

    Students can use the self-directed learning
    sections before and after
    while all information is saved in the LMS.

    Self Learning
    Self Learning
    (15~20 mins)
    plus icon
    Interactive Class
    Interactive Class
    (100~120 mins)

    The content of ODF is very closely linked between textbooks and workbooks.
    can use the books before and after class.

    For the content of ODF, the difficulty
    level can be measured with CEFR,
    an internationally recognized index.

    The 6 year ODF course, ODF provides the CEFR index,
    an internationally recognized
    index so that students
    can easily understand their level at a glance.

    ODF Level

    ODF presents the best LMS.

    Everything created by students during class is stored in the LMS.
    Teachers can access the registered learning results to easily identify students' strengths
    and weaknesses and communicate with their parents for counseling.

    Web for Parents
    Web for Parents

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    quickly and easily.