Visang's partners can help Allvia-based education businesses. Visang’s professional education partners can help customers
start and run their education business with the individual characteristics of the home countries and regions taken into
account through business planning tailored to the customer.

  • Obtaining sales rights from Visang

    If you become Visang’s education partner, you can solely focus on sales activities. You don’t need to be concerned about complex system construction. You will be provided with active support from Visang that is right for the products and locations you wish to cover.

    Obtaining sales rights from Visang

  • Stable Profit Stream

    Our monthly subscription system allows our partners to build a consistent and
    stable profit stream.

    Stable Profit Stream

  • Reduced Sales Resource

    As we offer digital education programs as our flagship product, we provide physical products (e.g., printed textbooks, materials, aids) as optional resources, meaning the initial investment cost is low.

    Reduced Sales Resource

Partner sign up procedure

  1. Application

    Click below to submit your application.

  2. Visang Internal Review

    We will notify applicants after reviewing the submitted application.

  3. Contract

    A contract is closed once terms are agreed to by both parties. An advance fee will be required to make you a qualified partner and an account will be issued to activate the partnership.

  4. Partner Training

    Onboard video training is provided, covering product characteristics required for sales, the roles and responsibilities of a partner, and school management.

  5. Register
    as Visang’s Partner

    HQ assigns an official partner account to enable public relations and sales activities in the requested country. You can manage each school through this account.