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What is a Partner?

AllviA’s professional education partners help other businesses with AllviA-based education.
They help consumers launch and run their education businesses by localizing business plans to match their region.

  • Obtaining sales rights from Visang
    Obtaining sales rights from Visang

    As an AllviA partner, you can focus on sales instead of worrying about complex systems and business practices. If you work with Visang, you can focus on building your business, and we'll provide active support.

  • Stable Profit Stream
    Stable Profit Stream

    With our monthly subscription model, our partners can count on a steady flow of income month after month.

  • Reduced Sales Resource
    Reduced Sales Resource

    We offer printed textbooks, materials, and teaching aids as optional resources to minimize the initial investment costof our digital education programs.

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Through AllviA, you can not only make extra profits from your current customers and schools,
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  • 3 countries

    Number of regions
    you can cover

  • 10,000 students

    Number of students

  • 30,000 USD

    Monthly Profit

Customer Stories
Our Vietnamese clients endorse AllVia!

Our Vietnamese clients endorse AllviA!

American Learning Lab in Vietnam offers AllviA English content classes for students from kindergarten to middle school. Not only are Vietnamese pupils and parents enthusiastic about the use of digital devices in the classroom, but the native English teachers are excited too!

  • challenge
    Pongsuda Saleepim, Principal

    Pongsuda Saleepim,

    The students are very enthusiastic about our project. They have improved their English skills in terms of speaking and reading, and especially pronunciation. My students and I learn how to pronounce words and letters together!

    BanYanSue Elementary School, Chonburi, Thailand

  • challenge
    Budsacha Pumpuang, English Teacher

    Budsacha Pumpuang,
    English Teacher

    My students want to use English in daily life and their parents really like this project because their kids are excited and keep telling them about their English classes. Our parents want to see this project in other classrooms, too.

    BanYanSue Elementary School, Chonburi, Thailand

  • ELiF
    Mr.Marut Kaewwichai, School Owner and Teacher

    Mr.Marut Kaewwichai,
    School Owner and Teacher

    Students and parents are enthusiastic about Visang Education's ELiF (English Learning in the Future) English language course for primary level students (grades 1-6). They enjoy the content of the ELiF English course as well as the teaching approach, that incorporates technology and makes learning enjoyable for children.

    Sumai Tutor School Trat Province, Thailand

It must be because of AllviA!

  • One and Only

    The first digitial education program to officially collaborate with ZOOM and embed the program into its system. Tailor your classes for both face to face and remote learning.

  • School subscription model

    You don’t have to worry about collecting payments from schools because the schools can make the automatic payments through the AllviA website.

  • Easy Marketing & Sales

    Using the teacher materials and program demos on the AllviA website, you can advertise as much as you like!

  • Up to 3 regions

    You can cover up to 3 different regions, not limited to just countries, and benefit from various discount rates depending on the size and scale of the school you are working with.

  • Auto Matching System

    If the selected region has the exclusive rights to the programs, whenever there is a new contact from a school within that region, then it will automatically be matched to the partner in charge of the region.

  • Support and Training

    VISANG is always on stand by, ready to support and help schools and partners. Local support within the regions are also available for special events or circumstances.

Partners around the World

Partners around the World

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