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Product Common [PT] What are the strengths of the AllviA Edu PT?

Since it is possible to assess the level of studying of the student by the teacher, student, and even parents through PT at a glance, it is possible to concentrate on quick improvement of learning capabilities. The student will be allocated to the classroom that is appropriate for the student based on PT results, thereby allowing customized learning. 

Product Common [PT] Can I take the PT more than once?

In principle, you can take the PT only once. The initial score is recorded for each account, and the student's level is measured based on the results.

Product Common [PT] How can I check the results after having taken the PT test?

All services used in AllviA Edu are recorded on the LMS site. You can inquire about the results by accessing the site. It is possible to accurately assess the level of the student through the score and report card. 

Product Common [PT] Can the PT be used even if I am not a member?

Yes. You can use the placement test service as a non-member and inputting the requisite information. 

Product Common [PT] How are the math program PT services of AllviA Edu provided?

PT of Math Alive, a math program, can be taken through Math Alive Website App. 

Product Common [PT] How are PT services of English programs of AllviA Edu provided?

English programs for which PT services can be used include ELiF, Oxford Discover Futures, and Oxford Discover. You can take the test after having selected the program by downloading the PT App by accessing the admin site. 

Product Common [PT] How is PT provided at AllviA Edu?

All the Math/English programs, which are representative programs of AllviA Edu, are providing PT services. Different routes of using PT services are provided for each of the Math/English subjects.

Product Math Alive [Math Alive] Can teachers provide PODs to students?

Math Alive does not support PODs, but students can identify their weaknesses by solving the problems through homework.

Product Common What are the basic network environment conditions and equipment specification standards that must be met?

The specification is vary by class mode* and devices.

1. For Teachers

Teachers can teach with each application of the programs running on Windows PC**.

However, zoom is required to start the remote class.

2.For Students

1) Smart Device

Students can participate in a class with their Windows PC and Android Tablet.

Currently, Smartphones are unavailable.

Check the compatibility of the devices

2) Accessories

An external Bluetooth keyboard is required for Oxford Discover Futures with AllviA


*Class Mode: AllviA Edu products have two class modes (In-Class and Remote Class).

In-Class mode refers to a traditional class in a certain place such as a classroom.

With Remote Class, you can teach students anywhere.

To learn more about Remote Class, click this link.


** PC specification

OS > Windows 10 64 bit

CPU > intel i5 Quad CoreMemory > 8GB

HDD > 500GB

Display 1200*800

GPU > 512 MB

Internet Brower Google Chrome / MS IE 11

-Chrome Version > 80  

If not, it is necessary to update. You can find this information in Chrome 'Settings.'

Network Notice : You must be connected to the Internet,

and we recommend an Internet speed of 70Mbps (at least over 30Mbps).

Ethernet connection is more stable than Wi-Fi.


*** Android Tablet PCs specification

Android OS Version >10.0

CPU > 1.2Ghz Quad Core

Screen resolution 1200*800(16:10)

Screen Size 10 inch


Camera Front/Rear

Storage >32GB

Wi-Fi wireless internet connection is required to login and download the content.

802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz Support.


Product Math Alive [Math Alive] Are placement tests offered?

Diagnostics tests can be used as placement tests to measure the levels of students.

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