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April 24, 2023

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<p>It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of the AllviA Edu blog.</p><p>On the blog, we will be discussing many topics related to education around the world. AllviA Updates, Trending Now, and Educator Voices are the sections available. The AllviA Updates section features news on AllviA Edu and Visang, the Trending Now section highlights current educational trends and the expertise of practicing educators, and the Educator Voices section gives a platform to those working in the field of education. To access our new blog, go to Resources > Blog on the main menu of the AllviA Edu website.</p><p>You can also visit us here:</p><p>Please keep an eye on the existing AllviA Edu website's News and Press category for updates from Visang and AllviA.</p><p>VISANG's mission is to keep spreading the word about #Above Imagination to as many people as possible.</p>