October 07, 2022

VISANG Launches Digital English Learning Solution in partnership with Oxford University Press

  • VISANG Education launches a digital interactive English learning solution co-developed with Oxford University Press
  • The solution was adapted from Oxford University Press' leading English Language Teaching content
  • Both teachers and students can participate in interactive lessons based on Oxford's textbook content


SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- VISANG Education (CEO Yang Tae-Hoe), a multi-national educational culture business, plans to present a new digital interactive learning solution adapted from one of Oxford University Press' (OUP) popular courses.


The new interactive learning solution co-developed by VISANG and OUP
The new interactive learning solution co-developed by VISANG and OUP


The newly launched product is mainly based on the Oxford Discovery Series, OUP's English textbook, combined with VISANG's edutech platform, AllviA. VISANG has developed different series of solutions for elementary and middle schools through a close cooperation with OUP recently.


VISANG's solution features the use of Oxford's high-level English educational content through interactive classes between teachers and students. The teacher's electronic blackboard and the student's tablet PC are linked and can be updated in a real time. Not only the online digital lessons are available, but also the interactive offline class lessons are available, even without any internet connection.


VISANG and OUP have collaborated on adapting two series of Oxford Discover Futures, one for elementary and another for secondary school. Of these, the secondary level will be introduced into the Vietnamese Education market in stages. The program is expected to be well-received, especially due to the increase in demand for high-quality English language learning contents in Vietnam.


Mr. WooKun Hur, the head of Visang Education's Global Company remarked, "Oxford Discover Futures with AllviA is an interactive, digital class solution filled with high-quality English Learning content from OUP's textbooks. With AllviA - Oxford Discover Futures, classes can be more effective with the use of interactive class tools." Mr. Hur also added, "We are just getting started in Vietnam, and are currently working on expanding opportunities in other markets in Southeast Asia and the Middle East."