April 27, 2023

Visang Education, introduces AI-based interactive class system for elementary, middle, and high schools... Realization of customized classes for each student

Visang Education (CEO Yang Tae Hwe) that presents the vision of global edutech, introduces ‘Interactive Class System’ (hereinafter referred to as ICS) which can be used in elementary, middle and high school public education in Korea.


With the ICS, teachers and students can conduct interactive classes on a tablet with an electronic blackboard-based classroom environment, and is a system that provides ▲class setting tool ▲collaborative class activity tool ▲real-time diagnosis and evaluation tool ▲artificial intelligence (AI) data analysis tool, to collect and analyze data for each student. It can be used in compatibility with the ‘Learning Management System (LMS)’ and ‘Content Management System (CMS)’ that have already been introduced in schools.


Visang Education revealed that their ICS is characterized by collecting the learning and behavior data of each student generated during the class process and deriving the result with the built-in artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm analysis tool, enabling individualized feedback. Classes centered on these processes is expected to overcome the limitations of existing classes and assessments, and to improve students' level of immersion and participation in classes.


In addition, by helping teachers design lessons around coaching with AI collecting and analyzing student information in real time and informing timely interventions to students who need help, it is also focused on inducing students to improve their confidence in learning and self-direction, and as a result, develop their ability to learn the virtuous cycle of curiosity and think about learning.


Prior to this, Visang Education had piloted its ICS platform, AllviA, which was launched in 2019, for elementary and middle schools in 18 countries, including Central and South America such as Colombia and Paraguay, as well as the United States and the United Kingdom. In particular, as interactive classes based on mutual learning data collection and analysis in the classroom are emphasized in the United States and the United Kingdom, Visang Education explained that AllviA was actively used to complete the structure of ▲diagnosis before class ▲ progress evaluation during class and ▲ feedback after class in overseas public education sites.


Yang Tae Hwe, CEO of Visang Education, said, “ICS, introduced by Visang Education, is a classroom teaching system that helps anyone create a data-based customized learning environment with an intuitive UI·UX, regardless of a teacher's digital capabilities." Then added, “In the future, Visang Education will take the lead in creating an awakened classroom environment that enables Korean students to learn more actively in the digital classroom environment that is being newly built, and where teachers can develop students' learning capabilities centered on the progress, and ultimately where learning takes place by focusing on the essence of education.”