December 18, 2023

Training in Visang education for civil servants in three Asian nations


Visang Education (CEO Yang Tae-hoe), which presents the vision of global edutech, was selected as the main visiting organization for the "KDI-WB Visit Korea Digital Capacity Enhancement Training" to strengthen digital capabilities in the East Asia-Pacific region and announced on the 7th that it held a visit event for key figures and World Bank officials from the three East Asia countries at its headquarters.


Visang Education is a leading Edutech company representing Korea and was the only Korean company to be selected as the main visiting organization for the event. In response, Visang presented the leading knowledge required for digital transformation of education under the theme of "Visang's Digital Transformation Success Cases, Edutech Overseas Expansion Cases" and demonstrated its digital products at its headquarters on the 7th, attended by more than 40 government officials and World Bank officials from three East Asian and Pacific countries.


The global products of Visang Education demonstrated at this event are Math Alive, Oxford Discover, and Master K. These products are examples of effective incorporation of digital technology into educational programs, and they vividly delivered Edutech success stories to participants. Through this event, Visang Education shared its development experience as an excellent smart education content provider and provided an opportunity to establish long-term knowledge partnerships with three East Asian countries related to the Korean Edutech industry.


Visiting Korea Digital Capacity Enhancement Training is an event in which the Korea Development Institute's Global Knowledge Cooperation Complex (KDI), the World Bank's Digital Development Bureau, and the Education Bureau invited government officials from Mongolia, the Philippines, and Indonesia and World Bank officials to Korea for four days from December 5 to strengthen partnerships with partners and international organizations.


KDI-WB is a global knowledge sharing platform that contributes to rational policy establishment and institutional reform through leading research on national agendas. The World Bank is an international financial institution that contributes to poverty eradication and economic and social development by providing innovative knowledge and solutions to problems facing countries around the world.


Participants highly appreciated Visang Education's edutech technology and products experienced through the event. An official from the Philippine Technical Education Development Administration (TESDA) said, "The visit to Visang Education was a meaningful time to gain the most insight into the edutech field." An official from Indonesia's History of Public Works and Housing emphasized, "The event held at Visang Education was impressive," and said, "Visang Education developed a digital education that satisfies the basic needs of children, called 'play,' and through this, it was impressive to develop a program that meets both learning effects and fun."


Roh Joong-il, CEO of Visang Education Global Company, said, "According to the recent OECD announcement, Korea ranked at the top of the list in the PISA, while many countries' academic backgrounds have declined, and the use of Edutech is the cause of Korea's educational achievement. It was a meaningful opportunity to introduce the experience and technology of Visang Education, which represents Korea's Edutech, to Asian policymakers and seek cooperation in the future."